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Greeking Out and Smash, Boom, Best: Two amazing podcasts for kids!

I enjoy podcasts. I have several voice over related ones I like to listen to and a few for funzies as well. None of the podcasts I enjoy are very interesting for my family though, particularly my children. And since the age range is a seven year spread, it can be a major struggle to find one that they all enjoy.

Why does it even matter you ask? Why bother trying to find a podcast for all of the kids to listen to? Well, in the grand scheme of things, it isn't very relevant, but I enjoy forcing my children to digest educational media disguised as fun and having them discover they enjoy it too. Particularly on long car rides.

Greeking Out

A few car trips ago I found a podcast that the whole family immediately fell in love with; Greeking Out, by National Geographic. Kenny Curtis narrates about different characters and legends from Greek mythology. He is accompanied by "the Oracle of Wifi" (voiced by Tori Kerr) who is basically a more advanced Siri or Alexa and provides fun facts and tidbits, as well as a fair amount of humor. Not only are the stories fun and interesting, but they have splashes of puns, banter, and have all of us laughing while we learn. Each episode is roughly 20-30 minutes long and there are several seasons already out. I highly recommend starting at the beginning as some newer episodes reference content from older episodes. If you find Greek mythology even remotely interesting, you will love this podcast, no matter your age!

Smash, Boom, Best

This past weekend we discovered another gem that all the kids (and us parents), fell in love with; Smash, Boom, Best, by Brain's On. This podcast was mentioned during a commercial break on Greeking Out so I figured it would be worth a try. It is a debate podcast where two topics are smashed together (for example owls vs bats or ghosts vs zombies) and debaters use facts as well as their own opinions in an attempt to sway the judge. There are four rounds to each debate and the impartial judge gives one point per round to the debater they felt was the most convincing for that round. At the end they announce the winner. Not only have we learned a lot of facts none of us knew from this podcast, but the debaters keep it light and display good sportsmanship, teaching my children how to have healthy debates. The debaters, judge, and host Molly Bloom are all very entertaining and we definitely laughed a lot during this one too. We also enjoyed pausing and giving our own votes, discussing new information we thought was cool, and why we may have preferred one debater's tactics over another. One of my kids even suggested we listen to an episode after we got home so we could all sit down and silently make our selections (like the judge on the show does) and then compare notes at the end. To say my mind was blown is an understatement! Episodes are between 30-40 minutes long and you can listen to them in any order. Just pick one that tickles your fancy and give it a try!

Do you have a favorite podcast to listen to with your kids? Or maybe one they enjoy listening to on their own? Do tell!

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