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Red Rising: A double trilogy of awesome!

I love to read. Non fiction can be a challenge for me, mostly, I think, because I feel the need to REALLY obtain the information and learn from it. I put too much pressure on it. Fiction, however, I can breeze through pretty quickly. Especially if I ignore the other responsibilities in my life. And I don't think I have breezed through a book, nay a series, as quickly as I have gone through the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown.

The Red Rising Saga is a science fiction series about a futuristic dystopian society that lives amongst the planets of our solar system. The Golds rule society and the Reds are essentially the lowest born, with several societal levels based on one's class color. There are six books in the series; Red Rising, Golden Son, and Morning Star make up the first trilogy with Iron Gold, Dark Age, and Book 6 (which may or may not be titled Lightbringer and should be released sometime in mid to late 2022) making up the second trilogy.

There are so many things that make this series amazing. With science fiction it can be easy for an author to just make things up because, hey, in the future anything is possible, right? But Pierce Brown doesn't do that. He researches and learns about the science and machines that exist now and creates their evolution in the future. His attention to detail makes for a believable society with advancements that seem plausible. He also gives attention to the past and includes real historical events from Earth's history as well as lore. Connecting the unknown future with the known past (without the mess of time travel) makes it easier to visualize the events of the series.

And then there are the characters. Some characters you know for barely a few chapters, but somehow, they establish enough depth in that short amount of time to make you mourn the loss of them, or perhaps even be grateful for it. What's even more amazing is the way you want to hate some characters, but struggle to as you are still able to see the good in them. I LOVE characters with realistic depth. It is a reminder that most of us are not all good or all bad and faith in someone, and forgiveness, can shift the tides within a soul.

These are stories about making the hard choices and sacrifices for the greater good, without losing site of what that good is and the hope that not everyone is corruptible. I can't recommend them enough, so head on out to your local library (or your library app) or wherever you get your books. Or, if you're a fan of audiobooks, listen to the lovely Irish lilt of Tim Gerard Reynolds who narrates the series.

I also hear they'll be making a TV series out of the books, which I could not be more excited about!!

Have you already read the series? What are your thoughts on it?

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