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Rolling Realms: a game you can play with anyone, anywhere!

The story behind the creation of this game is awesome! And I'll tell you it, right after I cover the basics, as usual!

Theme: Stonemaier Games

Specs: 1-infinite players (yeah, you read that right, INFINITE!! Though each copy of the game contains components for up to six players). The box suggests 30 minutes play time. This is relatively fair though I always caution game play can vary depending on how deep some of your thinkers are!

Recommended for ages 14+. This is a relatively basic game, but due to the variety of rules throughout based on cards drawn, it leans toward mid-level difficulty. That being said, a 12 year old who plays more complex games can easily play this one.

Mechanics: dice rolling, simultaneous action

Designed by Jamey Stegmaier

Art by Miles Bensky and Marius Petrescu

Published by Stonemaier Games

Ok, so, this game is one of my favorites. Set up and clean up are fast as lightening and we can all play! It also doesn't take us long to play, it's a good game if you want a bit of a challenge, but don't want a brain burn, and it is pretty much impossible to play the same game twice.

First, some history, which I think is super cool. When Covid hit and everyone was isolated at home, Jamey Stegmaier wanted to create a game that he (and anyone) could play online with friends and family. So he designed the original version of Rolling Realms, which was downloadable and printable for free. The only thing needed in addition to that was one set of dice and a pen or pencil. Then folks could jump on video chat with family and friends, one person rolls the dice, and everyone plays! A great way to stay connected despite distance (or the occasional quarantine)

How do you play then? The base game comes with six sets of 11 identical realm cards (backs are color coded). These cards are each depictions of other games published by Stonemaier games. And every time a new game comes out, so does a new card! Players grab a set of realm cards as well as a resource card, a scoring card, and a dry erase marker. One player shuffles their realm cards and selects three. All of the other players pull the same three from their own decks. Then someone rolls the dice and the game commences! The game goes for three rounds with nine rolls in each round. Every round the designated "drawer" selects a new set of three cards at random. How each card collects resources and scores points in explained on the card and in further detail in the rule book. Some card combinations work well together, others, less well, haha, but it's always fun to see what comes up and to figure out how to make it jive well. And as previously said, no two games are the same!! Jamey also has several videos on his YouTube Channel where he plays through an entire game and you can play along!

I think this game is absolutely brilliant and it's conception story is kinda cool. Oh, and the components? AMAZING! The dry erase cards ACTUALLY ERASE!!! I know, mind blowing right?! I mean, like, seriously, you erase them and there are little marks left behind like most dry erase game cards. OH, and the markers, they actually write!! We have played countless games and have yet to have one of those "Oh, my marker isn't working" and switch out. I will say, one of the little erasers mysteriously disappeared...I think the dog is responsible for that one and I don't hold it against the game.

Get a copy. Play. Tell me what your favorite card is! Do you already have a favorite roll and write game? If so, what is it?

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