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Horrified: a frighteningly good time.

It's time for some family fun where everyone works together in this cooperative adventure to defeat some legendary monsters.

Theme: You and your teammates are Heroes with a variety of skills who are attempting to save a town from horrifying Monsters.

Specs: 1-5 Players. Playtime is around 60 minutes. Like any cooperative it can go a little slower or faster depending on how quickly everyone agrees on a course of action.

Recommended for ages 10+. I'd say a game savvy 8 year old could easily play though. This is an upper level beginner game.

Mechanics: Variable player powers and set up, dice rolling, cooperative, pick up and play

Designed by Prospero Hall

Art by Prospero Hall

Published by Ravensburger

To start off the board gets set up with various items placed randomly that you will need to collect to defeat the monsters you'll be facing. Monsters are selected based on the level of difficulty you wish to play at. Each player is randomly given a hero card and the corresponding mini figure. Each hero has their own special ability they can use during the game. The Monsters you may face include the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula, Frankenstein AND his Bride (a twofer!), the Invisible Man, the Mummy, and Wolfman.

Players go around in turn order taking actions such as movement, guiding a villager (they need saving too!), using their special ability, picking up items, sharing items, advancing a monster's task, or defeating a monster.

The game is won by defeating all of the Monsters. The game is lost immediately if the Terror Level reaches its maximum (the Monsters have overrun the village!) or when a player goes to draw a Monster card and there are none left (time has run out).

One of the things I really like about this cooperative game is that some things are pretty much impossible to do without teammates sharing items or giving an assist with their abilities. It makes sure you have to interact with each other. I also like that with several options for Monsters and Heroes every game is different. The colors are bright and fun and game play is complex enough to make it challenging, but simple enough that even our six year old can join in and not feel completely lost (with help).

If you like cooperatives I have no doubt you'll find this game entertaining. If you have been wanting to try one, this is a great place to start!

What is your favorite monster themed game?

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