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Libertalia Winds of Galecrest: A looting good time!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Stonemaier Games new release is out and I love it! Let’s have a gander at the details before I gush…

Theme: You are a pirate shifting and changing out your crew as you face off with other pirates to see who can gather the most treasure.

Specs: 1-6 Players. The box suggests 45-60 minutes play time. My husband and I can easily get a game in around 40 minutes, as six players it was a wee bit over an hour, but this still is a rather spot on time estimate!

Recommended for ages 14+. A 12 or even 10-year-old with some gaming experience could play. Upper beginner to mid-level difficulty.

Mechanics: Variable player order, hand management, and some take that, with the quantity being dependent on which format you choose for play.

Designed by Paolo Mori

Art by Lamaro Smith

Published by Stonemaier Games

I played the original Libertalia years ago and it was a lot of fun, but I have to say I love this new release version so much more!

Everyone starts out with a deck of Pirates numbered 1-40. One person shuffles their deck and randomly selects 6 pirates. All other players select the same six from their own deck. Players then secretly select a pirate to play this round. Once everyone has selected, they all reveal simultaneously. Pirates get placed on the Island board in appropriate order and then take actions according to the rules of the games.

There are three rounds or “Voyages” in the game. The way rounds are made up ensures you won’t be playing for hours (unless the kids intervene!).

The board also comes with two sides. One side is the “Calm” side and the other “Stormy”, depending on how spiteful you want gameplay to be.

The way to win is to have the most treasure at the end of the game. We upgraded and got the metal doubloons and tactilely, sooooooo worth it! They look and feel like real pirate treasure!

We’ve played with two and six players and it’s great both ways. It doesn’t seem possible for anyone to run away with the lead and often it appears someone is going to win and then another player does. This is definitely in our rotation of two player games when we want to play and think, but don’t have a ton of time.

Do you have a favorite pirate themed game?

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