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Love Letter: Win the Princess’ affection, win the game!

Love Letter: Win the Princess’ affection, win the game!

I promised a game that is not quite as intense as the ones I have been reviewing. And so, I bring you, Love Letter!

Theme: You are all trying to get a love letter to the princess and gain a token of affection from her.

Specs: 2-6 Players. There is an older version that is 2-4 players. Average play time is 20 minutes and that’s fair, though it could take 30-40 minutes if no one runs away with it.

Recommended for ages 10+, but I’d say an eight-year-old can easily play and the theme is family friendly. This is a lightweight game.

Mechanics: Hand management, player elimination, deduction

Designed by Seiji Kanai, Justin Kemppainen, and Alexandar Ortloff

Art by Andrew Bosley and Samuel R. Shimota

Published by Z-Man Games and others

Love Letter is one of our favorite games when we want something light and easy to play with friends and family. It says it is two player, but it is so much more fun with at least 3-4 players.

The components consist solely of a deck of cards and tokens (which are the affection). Game play is simple. Everyone starts with one card and one card is set aside blindly to help keep anyone from counting cards too well. The last one to hand write a letter goes first.

On your turn you draw one card, then choose one of the two cards in your hand to play. Each card has a special ability that is clearly stated on the card. There is also a reference card for each play to help remember how many of each card there is and what each card does. Play continues until one player is left or all cards are drawn, in which case the highest card remaining wins the round. The winner gets a token of affection and shuffles, deals, and starts the next round until someone has four tokens. That person is the winner of the game!

It's simple, quick to learn, quick to play, and all tucks nicely into a little velvet bag so it’s easy to transport for travel, camping, or going to a brewery. The increased player count of the newer version is great, there are a couple of new cards that make the game more exciting, and there is more diversity in the art for the characters. I HIGHLY recommend this game for everyone. I have yet to met someone who didn’t enjoy playing!

Do you have a favorite lightweight, easy travel game? What is it?

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