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Patchwork: How to make a quilt in 30 minutes or less

People are often asking for two player game suggestions. Ones that don't have a lot of set up/break down and aren't too hard to learn and play, but still require some thought. If you find yourself wanting a game that fits the above preferences, then Patchwork is a perfect game for you!

Theme: You are creating a quilt and acquiring points along the way.

Specs: 2 Players. This game is roughly a 30 minutes game every time.

Recommended for ages 8+, this is a beginner level game.

Mechanics: Grid coverage, open drafting, tile placement, stat-based turn order.

Designed by Use Rosenberg

Art by Klemens Franz, Rex Lee, Jolanta Lendzioszek, Gru Tsow

Published by Mayfair Games

I love this game when we don't have a lot of time or are just tired, but still want to play something. Even when learning I don't think we've every had a game over 30 minutes, but don't quote me on that, I'm not good at timing all of our game plays. It's also nice because it doesn't require a ton of space or an hour to set up.

Set up is as simple as placing the small board out in the middle and then randomly placing the quilt pieces in a circle around the board. Buttons are the currency in this game and each player starts with some. Then take turns depending on who is in the lead on the timer track. Turns are also simple. Either buy a quilt piece (you must have enough buttons) place it where you choose on your quilt board or move spaces until your piece is in the lead and then take that many buttons. The person with the most points at the end of the game (buttons are also victory points) wins! There are a few other details to learn while you play, but that's basically the gist of it.

This is a great game for couples or even to play to one on one with one of your kids. The puzzle aspect of creating your quilt is probably my favorite thing about it.

Do you have a favorite two player game or one you've been wanting to try?

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Pat Drahos
Pat Drahos
Apr 21, 2022

We'll have to try this one when I visit. I can't even cut the fabric for a quilt in 30 minutes!

Apr 21, 2022
Replying to

Haha, absolutely!! it is definitely faster and easier than actual quilt making, but not as snuggly!

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