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Space Invaders: The Aliens are Coming! And They’re Straight From the 80’s!

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

This game is just good old fashioned family fun! Specs first, then the dets.

Theme: You are the last line of defense to save your planet from an alien invasion!

Specs: 1-4 Players, 30-45 minutes to play. Recommended for ages 8+, but our six-year-old has a blast with it too.

Mechanics: Cooperative game play, dexterity, launcher, variable powers.

Designed by: Kane Klenko and published by Buffalo Games.

You need a clear table for this one because you will be catapulting missiles at alien invaders! Everyone is working together to stop them from destroying the planet. Each player has a set of level cards 1-3 and corelating missiles. There are rows of aliens with different values and some with shields as well as a UFO coordinating the attack. Game play is simple, hit the aliens and UFO and take them all out before they take you out!

The rule book is clear and easy to understand, with variation suggestions to make the game harder or easier as you see fit. It has a fun 80’s arcade look to it and set up is quick and easy. The launcher can be fickle, not unlike a lot of 80’s game components, making the game harder than it looks. I love the excitement when someone lands their shot! As you take out aliens, you get points, if they make it to your planet, you take damage. You need to take out all of the aliens and the UFO before they take you out. Easy set-up, easy take down, and clear rules. What more could you want?!

What’s your favorite alien themed game?

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