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Wingspan: an educational and aesthetically pleasing play

Whether you're a fan of birds or not, Wingspan is a beautiful and fun game to play. Here are the details:

Theme: You are building up three bird habitats with various types of birds.

Specs: 1-5 Players. Average suggested play time is around 40-70 minutes. This is a fair estimate.

Recommended for ages 10+, but like a lot of games rated 10 and up, an eight-year-old can easily play and the theme is family friendly. This is a lightweight to medium weight game.

Mechanics: Ecosystem building, dice rolling, resource management, set collection, end game bonuses

Designed by Elizabeth Hargrave

Art by Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo, Natalia Rojas, and Beth Sobel

Published by Stonemaier Games

Some games are just soothing to play. They have pretty colors, lovely art, and, while you may be playing against each other, everyone is just doing their thing without spite. This game is exactly that. The boards are beautiful nature scapes and the cards have amazingly accurate birds complete with a map indicating where they are indigenous to and a fun fact about the bird.

Each player starts with bird cards in hand, a secret bonus card that gives each player a way to earn additional points at the end of the game, and food resources which will be collected throughout the game to help you play birds. There are also lovely colorful little eggs for the birds to lay that can also be used as payment for things.

The game is played over four rounds and each player has one less turn each round. There is also a bonus that can be obtained by each player at the end of each round. At the end of the game points are added up from various sources and the one with the most points wins.

There are currently two expansions for this game; the European Expansion, which includes a whole slew of new birds and bonus cards as well as more eggs. Then there is the Oceanic Expansion which includes new birds, new bonus cards, a new food resource, new players boards, and dice to adjust for the new resource play rules. Some time in 2022 the Nesting Box expansion should be coming out. My nerdy organization freak self can not WAIT for this to come out! My knowledge to this point is that it will be one box big enough to include all of the expansions plus some room for future expansions, upgraded components, and who knows what else!! I just looooooovvveee when we can organize a game and all of it's expansions into one box, but that is a whole other topic!

Wingspan can appear overwhelming, but it is actually quite simple to play and win or lose I always walk away just feeling nice. If you want to give it a go I would recommend starting with the base game first and going from there.

What is a game you play that just looks so pretty it makes you feel relaxed to play it?

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